View's Ode to 2023

Read to the tune of "my favorite things"

The pairing of fonts and color scheme selection
SEO improvements and Google Ads perfection
The joy and relationships marketing brings

These are a few of View’s favorite things.

Our team’s and our client’s goals & values aligned
(We have the best clients you ever could find)
Creativity, teamwork, and new email pings

These are a few of View’s favorite things.

Goat friends and adventures and inspo from nature
Chicago team days and WeWork day pass capture
Designing, strategizing, and giving brands wings

These are a few of View’s favorite things.

When the year ends
And it’s over
When that makes us sad
We simply remember our favorite things

And remember next year will be RAD!

2023 was our best year yet.

Maddie joined The View Team full time in January 2023 after interning for two years. She also got married! We hosted our first ever View retreat, where we recharged, got creative and planned. We supported four charitable causes with financial, time and resource contributions. We launched brands, content, strategies and websites of which we’re immeasurably proud. We worked with some of the most passionate, forward-thinking, kind clients.

We grew, we learned, we accomplished, and we had so much fun. For that reason, it’s a bit sad to see 2023 end.

But we look toward 2024 and we know it will be even better. We are welcoming a new intern, Kiersten Wood, to the View team in January. She will be working with us during her final semester of college where she’s studying Interpersonal Communication & psychology.

We couldn’t be more thankful for our expanding team, clients, and supporters.

Thank you. And see you in ‘24.