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Wicked Smart Records is a new application being developed to help medical professionals help patients manage their health. In order to deliver a unique logo and brand for them, we started by working with the WSR team to define a mood and aesthetic that they wanted their app to embody.

This work would inform the brand direction as well as the graphic direction of the application and software interface.

From there, we selected a color scheme and brand feel, and engaged in multiple iterations of logo design until we settled on a final design the client loved. We paid close attention to how the app icon would show on the infinite array of phone backgrounds.

It is imperative to us that the client is involved in the process in order to create a finished product that everyone feels connected to, so we worked closely with Wicked Smart Records as we narrowed and refined our design process.

Our team worked in tandem with the App designers and developers to set a brand language that would carry through the user interface. After the logo was sent off to be trademarked, we created a comprehensive brand guide that would serve as the manual for further website and app design. With these tools in hand, Wicked Smart Records will launch with a strong and compelling brand. 


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