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When putting time and resources behind creating thought leadership materials, in this case, industry trend reporting, it just makes good sense to maximize outreach. This material was shared directly with prospects and clients in an email campaign, and was also leveraged in industry publication and social media advertising.

The market views the company as a thought leader and the content positions them as a leader in an industry that values forward thinking.

Core 77 and Design Directory are the premier blog and firm search sites in the product design industry. Designers and product managers visit the site regularly, which is why advertisements were placed on these platforms. Click throughs were carefully tracked to custom landing pages.

content marketing services
creative advertising
content marketing services
content marketing services

Social media posts were created to promote the content. Some were 'boosted', targeting viewers based on interests. The report was also announced via:- email blast- ads on industry blog and directory- press releases sent to industry outlets.

content marketing services
content marketing services

Our content marketing services aim to help properly position your company in your market, build your brand and generate interest. If you need help, contact us.


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