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I've been entrenched in the marketing world for almost twenty years. While working in a consultancy environment and running the marketing departments for multiple brands at once, I've learned by doing. I understand the need to produce results and maximize resources.  

When you work with VIEW Marketing & Creative, you'll work with me, the senior-level marketer you'll meet the first day. No sending in the A-Team for the first meeting then giving you the junior-level new-grad at project inception. I love digging in and getting to work to produce results.

I have a network of trusted creative professionals I work with regularly to augment my own work when necessary, but every program is designed, managed and typically produced by me personally. Nothing reaches my clients that hasn't been reviewed and approved by me first.

So why don't we talk about where you want to be and how I can help?


Matt Dean

Senior Industrial Designer| Newell Brands

I worked with and near Tanya for quite awhile and have the utmost respect for so many of the things she practices and stands for. Since there are many things I can list, I focused on ones with the most impact.

Tanya crafted an environment of respect and etiquette, and in return she gained great respect from her peers. With that respect in place, her and her colleagues could always then create engaging content without hesitation.

Secondly, Tanya was always asking around for critique of her work, regardless of title or discipline. If you were part of the broader department she wanted to know what you thought of her work and wanted to incorporate those thoughts. This can be extremely difficult for some, especially in a leadership role, and so this is a prized quality others should know about.

Lastly, her work ethic is extremely strong and efficient. Now while Tanya cast a strong work vibe throughout the department, she was always a very approachable and fun personality - a pleasure to chat with about work and life. I highly recommend Tanya to those seeking a talented creative with qualities that shine through in both her work and her interactions.

Logan Fox

Digital Marketing Specialist | Envista Forensics

I was lucky to work with Tanya for close to two years. Under her mentorship, Tanya helped me become a complete marketer that strategizes, designs and produces quality content. In a field where individuals usually specialize in one facet, Tanya’s skills stretch the gamut of Marketing, making her very knowledgeable on the field as a whole. I consider Tanya a very important part of my development as a young professional.

Additional client references can be provided by request.

Kelly Prasil

Owner | Jubilee Kids

Tanya at View Marketing developed the website for my daycare from scratch and made it beautiful!  I constantly get compliments on the design.  On top of website design,  she took over the management of my Google ads which almost always lands me on the first or second page in a search and has increased my business tremendously over the past 14 months.  Tanya is fast, efficient, professional, and extremely easy to work with!

Mitch Holt

Demand Generation Marketer | Integrated Marketing, Zenoss

Besides being an absolute pleasure to work with, Tanya is a knowledgeable, intelligent and marketing-minded professional. During the past year of working with Tanya and her company, it has become very apparent to me how talented and driven she is. I highly recommend working with Tanya any chance you get. She is a great communicator, project manager and marketer — all wrapped into one person. Thanks, Tanya!

Bill Williams

Business Development Manager | Telefonix, Inc

Tanya always delivered on time with better than expected results! She was creative and understood our product positioning every step of the way. She is the best at what she does. I could not recommend anyone better for your marketing needs.

Nick Ng

Content Creator, Video Producer | SuperRobot

Tanya has a thorough understanding of both strategic and tactical marketing, she provides excellent insights and ideas to best promote brand awareness, positioning and target market connection. She is an exceptionally hard worker who consistently delivers excellent work in both a team and individual environment.

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