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Since you're here, it seems safe to assume you need some marketing help. But what does that mean? It means different things for different companies, because your goals and resourcing situation are unique. That's why, when you work with me at VIEW Marketing & Creative, you will not get a one-size fits all approach. You'll get insights and ideas from a fresh set of eyes; a set of eyes that has been managing, planning and doing the work for nearly twenty years.

Let's work together to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Let's start with a conversation.

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Promotional Campaign Strategy and Planning

When embarking on a new product launch or looking to increase sales and awareness of your brand, the first step is to outline an effective way reach your target market and create an executable promotional plan. Depending on your unique situation, this plan can be the blueprint for your own internal resources to follow and execute in whole or in part, or VIEW can start with a plan, manage and fulfill the tactical elements of the program through to fruition.

A plan should include a mix of activities that are designed to work together to best reach your target market within your budget. It should be trackable and measurable and should be monitored for effectiveness throughout. Let’s start by talking about your situation and goals.

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Thoughts on Marketing, Design and Entrepreneurship

Wondering what Google's announcement regarding the phase-out of Broad Match Modified (BMM) means for you and your Google Ads campaigns? Here's a quick explanation.

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Well, well…. Welcome to July 2020. I just logged into Quickbooks to send out some invoices and to take in, once again, the reality of 2020. I’m not going to lie; I logged in grudgingly, feeling anxious about seeing THE NUMBERS. Not because of the lower revenue or the resulting decrease in income, but because of the feelings of vulnerability it causes. The reminder that things can change in an instant. The reality check that one event, one economic condition, one blip on the timeline of the universe can make everything… different.

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Today I opened my bathroom drawer and a Lego man was staring up at me. It seemed a perfect portrayal of the juxtaposition of my roles in life: woman, professional, mom. It got me thinking, and during my morning walk, it struck me: becoming a mom changed me as a marketer...

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