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View Marketing and Creative is based in Carol Stream, Illinois and Chicago, Illinois. Our services include digital advertising as well as marketing and design services to help businesses grow and succeed in their marketplace. Blogs in this section aim to share information from our team about digital advertising.

Google Ads and SEO: Do I need to do both?

Should you invest in Google Ads and SEO or should you choose one? We explore that question.

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Guide to LinkedIn Advertising

Wondering how to advertise on LinkedIn effectively? LinkedIn uses a targeted ad system that is very effective in reaching your specific audience when done correctly. Check out our LinkedIn advertising guide to familiarize yourself with the process before creating your ads.

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Google Ads Changes: What you need to know

Wondering what Google's announcement regarding the phase-out of Broad Match Modified (BMM) means for you and your Google Ads campaigns? Here's a quick explanation, VIEW can give you the Google Ads support that you need.

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Your new digital marketing role: Employers want you to know

I was recently asked what I’d tell new marketing grads as they begin a marketing career path. I thought back to the characteristics of those I’ve hired and mentored over the years and which made great team members, and ultimately great future leaders. A few things stand out in my mind...

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