10 Popular Websites Built With Webflow

August 29, 2023

Webflow is a “no-code” website builder that you might already be familiar with. It is the tool that we use to build the majority of our client websites. We selected Webflow as our tool of choice years ago for many reasons, including the ability to make beautiful websites that are styled exactly how we, as designers, want them to look, while utilizing the robust functionality of Webflow’s HTML elements and CMS capabilities. 

We aren’t the only company that leans on Webflow to deliver high quality websites. According to Built With, Webflow currently ranks #11 in terms of market share of the top 10k websites in the world built with CMS technologies. Just over 3% of those websites are built with Webflow. All in all, there are hundreds of thousands of live websites using Webflow today. Webflow is well-loved by many web designers and developers, and it’s here to stay.

Websites Built With Webflow

Webflow boasts an impressive customer list on their website. To complement this, we’ve rounded up some of the most popular brands that rely on Webflow. 

1. Upwork

Upwork Website Built with Webflow
Image Source: https://webflow.com/blog/upwork-webflow-cms

Upwork turned to Webflow to build out complex landing pages that could meet the demands of a marketing team that needed to scale real-time marketing efforts. Webflow’s CMS enabled the team to comply with brand guidelines and publish new pages quickly and efficiently. 

2. Rakuten SL (Now Ship Network)

Screenshot of Ship Network Website Built with Webflow
Website: https://www.shipnetwork.com/ 

Rakuten SL made the switch from WordPress to Webflow which saved them thousands of dollars. According to Rakuten’s case study on Webflow, Rakuten was “fed up with WordPress.” One of their main pain points was the security vulnerabilities that Wordpress is known to have. Rakuten Global determined that Webflow was the “most secure option” among website builder alternatives that their team considered. 

3. Slite

Screenshot of Slite Website Built With Webflow
Website: https://slite.com/ 

Slite is a collaborative workspace that is powered by AI. The site is modern and very well-designed. The cards at the top of the home page animate in a whimsical way that help tell the story of what the product is while also utilizing Webflow’s incredible animation tools. 

4. Michael Kors Collection

Screenshot of Michael Kors Collection Website Built In Webflow
Website: https://www.michaelkors-collection.com/ 

The Michael Kors Collection website brings the runway onto a website. For years, this site has been continually updated with the latest lookbook and shopping information. Webflow is a great platform for building a well-designed website for a high end fashion brand or any brand who wants to update their site continuously with ease. 

5. DropboxSign (formerly HelloSign)

Dropbox Sign formerly HelloSign Website Built In Webflow
Website: https://www.hellosign.com/ 

The website for Dropbox Sign was built for efficiency. According to Corey Shrecengost, Content Producer at Dropbox Sign, the team was able to produce content “a little bit over a hundred percent faster” than the year prior. Webflow just made sense across departments including marketing, design, and engineering. 

6. Dell Design System

Screenshot from Webflow of Dell Design System Built in the Designer
Image source: https://webflow.com/customers/dell

The Dell Design System was designed for the Dell team to have a tool that could be used to streamline the process of handing off designs from a designer to a developer. By enabling designers to build full-fidelity prototypes, the designers are “speak[ing] the same language” as the engineering team, according to Tonda Dysart at Dell. 

7. Kajabi

Kajabi Website Built In Webflow
Website: https://kajabi.com/ 

Kajabi is a platform that gives users the tools they need to create an online course, in addition to marketing, running webinars, and managing email marketing for your course. The site is easy to navigate, and provides tons of resources to creators. 

8. Dormakaba

Dormakaba Website Built in Webflow
Image source: https://webflow.com/customers/dormakaba

Dormakaba is a global brand that provides access control solutions. Webflow has reduced dormakaba’s cost to deliver marketing pages by $450k and has resulted in 4x faster web builds. What’s not to love about cost and time savings?!

9. Grubhub

Grubhub campaign website built in Webflow
Image source: https://webflow.com/customers/grubhub-wondersauce

In 2022, Grubhub launched a campaign site using Webflow Enterprise. They selected Webflow for its ability to handle a high volume of traffic (at its peak, the campaign had 11,000 users a minute), flexibility with design, and speed to publish a finished website. Spoiler: the campaign delivered phenomenal results. 

10. Freshly

Freshly blog moved from WordPress to Webflow
Image source: https://webflow.com/customers/freshly 

The Freshly blog was moved from WordPress to Webflow for a simple reason: “to take back control.” Their previous blog was built in WordPress and was difficult to update and provided little to no visibility in the marketing team’s reporting tools. Webflow was able to address both of these pain points by giving design control back to their team while also allowing analytics tools to be implemented on the pages through custom embedded code. 

At View Marketing & Creative, we have dozens of clients that we’ve built Webflow websites for. If you’re curious to learn more about whether or not Webflow might be the right choice for your business, reach out to us. We’d love to connect with you!

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