Color Palette + Font Pairing Inspo | Social Media Roundup


It’s important to us to stay inspired and create things we love. Here’s the first of our new series of color palettes and font pairings with some of our favorite photos. Photo Credit: Jill Muschong


This mountaintop view from North Carolina inspired this cool-toned green color palette with a light pink. We paired these colors with sans serif fonts that have a natural curve to the letterforms. Follow along for more color and font inspiration! Photo Credit: Elizabeth Merchut


This style palette was inspired by one of our current clients, Michelle Conklin Photography. Michelle takes incredible photos and specializes in senior photos and sports photos. This image that she created captures a strong, gritty feel, which is represented in the fonts and colors we chose to pair with it. Photo Credit: Michelle Conklin Photography


The bright pop of raspberries against its leaves spotted in Napa Valley, California inspired this bold, earthy color palette. Paired with an organic title font and a clean sans serif font for paragraph text, we love this fresh style! Photo Credit: Elizabeth Merchut


The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple in Singapore inspired this bright color palette paired with soft, script title font that evokes a peaceful, calm feel. The curved graphic elements remind us of the architecture of the Temple. Photo Credit: Tanya Sillitti

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