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Informed Innovation Inc. is a design consultancy operated by Joel Delman. Our team was pleased to develop the original Informed Innovation Inc. website upon its inception in 2018. Five years later, the landscape of digital design had evolved, and so had the needs of Informed Innovation Inc. The View team worked to refresh the branding, building on the original design language to retain brand recognition while adapting the site to support the growth of Informed Innovation Inc. The new website was built with Client First principles for Webflow, a style system built by Finsweet.


We began this project by crafting three mood boards to represent three different visual directions for consideration. The first option built on the existing logo while using refreshed fonts and a bright color palette paired with a mix of sketches and photo imagery. The second option used a similar color palette to the original website design, relying on the same orange for a pop of color. This option used very bold font selections and kept imagery to a minimum. The third option included a refreshed color palette and introduced textural images as the visuals.

The client selected a mix of options two and three - the color palette and fonts from option two mixed in with the textural images from option three.

SEO Sitemap for Client First Webflow Website

Sitemap & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A key component of the Informed Innovation website build was to maintain and build on the existing website’s strong Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings. Additionally, we strategically expanded sections of the sitemap to optimize SEO visibility, laying a foundation for the website’s future growth and improved search rankings.

Client First Webflow Design and Development

Once the branding and sitemap were established, we began the design and development phase of the website. We chose Webflow as our development platform for several reasons including its exceptional ability to create custom interactions which breathe life into the design as well as its robust SEO and CMS capabilities. The result is a dynamic, scalable, and user-centric website experience.

Client First Webflow Navigator Structure

The site was built using Finsweet’s style system, Client First for Webflow, which is a method of developing organized Webflow websites. By using standardized nomenclature and across classes and consistent use of these classes across the site, sites are built more efficiently while being easier to update and maintain.

Client First is becoming increasingly popular among Webflow developers, as it is a system that truly streamlines the build of a new site. Get in touch with our team if you’re looking for a Client First Webflow website build.

I've worked with Tanya and the View Marketing team for many years. Simply put, these guys deliver in a field where many do not... From top quality website design and marketing campaigns to effective SEO management, View Marketing is responsive, understands its clients needs, and fairly priced. I can't recommend them more highly.

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