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CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) is an incredible and indispensable organization that provides advocates for children in the foster care system, who are victims of abuse and neglect. These volunteer advocates not only spend quality time with these children, but also devote themselves to gathering information on the child’s situation, appearing in court to advocate for them, recommending services to help the child and their foster family, and so much more. Advocates are a source of trust and stability in these children’s lives, no matter how many times they have to move schools, enter new families, and change case workers.

This is why View was ecstatic at the chance to work with the DuPage branch of the national organization on their social media marketing, an April social media campaign for Child Abuse Prevention Month, and a video project highlighting DuPage CASA’s 30th anniversary.

Content Creation & Social Media

First, View worked in tandem with DuPage CASA to refine their mission statement to be compelling, concise, and thorough. This messaging would inform the rest of our process. From there, a strategy was developed on how to expand and employ this mission into other aspects of the organization’s marketing. View created a comprehensive Messaging & Social Media Plan for DuPage CASA that included this messaging strategy, strategies for each social platform, a plan to increase organic reach, and digital assets for social media that lived out their updated mission statement. All of these components were also informed by DuPage CASA’s audience demographics.

Event Marketing

The plan also included a social media calendar that detailed our proposed posting schedule, and the messaging category of each day’s post. Having an extremely thorough social media and messaging plan ensured not only consistency in messaging and branding, but also clear communication with DuPage CASA’s team, to make sure everyone was on the same page.

Because April is Child Abuse Prevention Month, DuPage CASA wanted to spread awareness through a social media campaign that emphasized the fact that child abuse and neglect is closer to us than we realize - in our very own communities.

In response, View created the #NotEveryChild campaign, which was designed to tell this narrative. Its goals were two-fold. First, to spread awareness that some children in our own communities don’t have the basic foundational elements that they need to survive, much less thrive. Second, to encourage people to take action, whether that be through donating, volunteering as an advocate, or spreading awareness.

Another element of CASA DuPage’s social media plan was to celebrate their 30th anniversary. View created a collection of social posts that highlight the many roles that CASA and its volunteers have played tirelessly throughout the past 30 years.

Over the course of the first two months that View ran this social campaign, CASA’s social stats saw a significant difference than the two months prior. Over CASA’s four social platforms, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, they saw a 192% increase in posts, 124% increase in impressions, and a 187% increase in reach.

Why do these stats matter? Increased social media engagement for DuPage CASA means a higher likelihood of reaching new volunteers, donors, and supporters, which directly affects the lives and wellbeing of children who are victims of abuse and neglect in DuPage County.

Video Planning and Coordination

In addition to social media, View was asked to coordinate CASA’s 30th anniversary video in conjunction with a video agency. View began by building a storyboard that stayed true to CASA’s mission, vision, and marketing strategies.

From there, View coordinated with the video agency, CASA team, and video subjects to ensure a streamlined filming process that allowed the mission of CASA to shine in the 30th Anniversary Video.

View is honored to be a part of this organization's story. You can learn more about DuPage CASA and get involved here>>

View Marketing has opened our eyes to possibility! Their team members took the time to listen and actually hear the story we wanted to tell about our organization. Working with these intuitive and creative individuals has been a pleasure and we are continually impressed with their ideas and understanding of our mission and vision. We have been pleased with what they have been able to accomplish in a short amount of time and how they have elevated our messaging.

Suzanne Skala
Dupage Casa Executive Director
Orange Slash