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Chicago Women in Philanthropy (CWIP) is an engaged community of women from Chicago’s philanthropic, corporate, and nonprofit sectors who are passionate about supporting women in their professional endeavors. Composed of a large group of involved, professional, supportive women, CWIP felt that their site did not reflect the vibrancy of their organization, and sought out a site that did so from View. 

Updated Branding 

The View team began the web design process by creating updated branding for CWIP that reflected their welcoming yet professional tone. We presented three mood boards based on a meeting with the CWIP team in which we discussed their vision for the new site.

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The CWIP team selected a number of elements that resonated with them from each mood board, with which we created a final mood board and branding guide. The final mood board has a bubbly, rounded feel with warm inviting colors that are reminiscent of their previous branding with a modern twist. The fonts are fresh and strong, with a touch of femininity. 

Site Map Redesign

From there, our team got to work building out an updated site map that would both support the updated website and simplify navigation for site users. We worked in tandem with the CWIP board to ensure that each site map update would benefit the members of the organization as they navigated through the site. 

Collaboration & Cohesiveness with Membership Software

The previous CWIP site was built with a pre-existing membership software. The software allowed all of the membership functions to take place right on the site, but limited the site’s design and lacked flexibility. This is a common challenge for web design for nonprofits. The View team proposed a solution that entailed linking back and forth between the updated site and the essential membership pages, in order to create a cohesive experience. The membership software design was updated in order for the experience to feel like one site, with the functionality of the membership software and robust design of the updated site. View handled all of the coordination with the membership software and CWIP team, in order to make this process as smooth as possible. 

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Branded Site Build 

Starting with the home page, we began to design and then build each website page, adhering to the newly established brand guidelines. Webflow’s completely customizable software allowed us to tailor each page’s design to its unique content and objectives. This allowed us to create pages that had the capacity to display a wide variety of content, from a meet our members page, to an adaptable yearly event page, to a filtered blog page

The site was designed with a vibrant yet professional tone, in order to reflect the community’s vision and ethos. Plenty of motion and animations helps to portray the active, inviting, and welcoming mentality of CWIP’s members. Behind the scenes, the site’s user-friendly CMS was thoughtfully designed so that the CWIP team is easily able to make future adjustments to information, events, and more.

We invite you to interact with the CWIP site, and reach out to us with any questions about how we can build a website for your brand that reflects who you are.

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