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EVRCOOL is a startup with an industrial chiller solution that is truly different. From looks that stand out amongst a sea of uninspired industrial equipment, to a brilliant design than enables easier serviceability, to its engineered ability for upgrades and platform modularity, EVRCOOL is the cool new kid on the block.

Although the product and company are new, the team is made of seasoned professionals who have brought industrial products to market. The brand had to capture the cutting-edge, fresh nature of EVRCOOL, but also communicate that this is a business that is built on a backbone of manufacturing success and proven professionals. Our industrial marketing agency got to work developing this exciting brand.

industrial marketing agency

We were challenged to create a brand built around one existing brand asset, the logo, and an understanding of the product and its differentiators. Clean, minimal, new, fresh, cutting edge, techy, innovative... these were all words we had in mind as we built mood boards to present to the EVRCOOL team to gain a better understanding of graphics that resonated with them. Some team members expressed a preference for very minimal, light, simple graphics, while others liked a moodier, darker feel.

In the end, we landed on a brand language that captured a bit of both of those preferences, but also used color and a bit of whimsy to really set it apart from much of the industrial competitors. EVRCOOL's brand feels as alive and fresh as the company is in its market.

The brand was memorialized in comprehensive brand guidelines. These guidelines serve to enable anyone who is creating any communications or materials to do so while maintaining the cohesive look and feel. Fonts, colors, logo usage, iconography, and other graphic elements were included in this document.

industrial marketing agency brand guidelines

Branded templates were made for myriad materials, including presentations, business cards and letterhead. Everything that the EVRCOOL team needs to represent themselves as the smart, contemporary company they are is at their fingertips.

branding by industrial marketing agency

"EVRCOOL has been partnering with View Marketing now for the past 6 months.  I have worked with both internal marketing teams throughout my 25yr product development career and I can confidently say that the View team stands head and shoulders above any other marketing resource I have worked with.  As a startup, it is critical that we are getting a big bang for our buck.  View marketing has covered every aspect of our marketing needs: developing our website, creating our brand guide, developing our company signage, product branding and labeling, stationary, business cards, presentation templates, trade show booth design, apparel,  etc.  I can honestly say that the product they have created is more professional than what I have seen for many multi-billion dollar companies.  In a very short time they have helped us create a cohesive brand identity that we all get excited about.  Finally, it has just been a great experience working with the View Marketing Team.  They are fun, creative, and very passionate about what they do.  I would recommend them to anyone."

/ Josh Roby, Chief Technical Officer | EVRCOOL

We also worked with the EVRCOOL team to brand their facility in Tennessee. The US-based manufacturing plant is impressive in its own right, and now also is immediately familiar to anyone who has interacted with the brand online or at tradeshows or other events.

industrial marketing agency facility branding

The website was designed in parallel with the other branded materials, and highlights the product differentiators, the company and its values-based ethos, as well as the problems it solves for the industries in which they serve. The site is built on the Webflow platform, with a CMS that makes updating events and news from the company simple for people who don't know code.

The site builds on some of the interesting graphic patterns and colors with fun touches of motion and interactive elements.

webflow site built by industrial marketing agency

Our team was also thrilled to help with the branding of the physical product. Calling upon some of our team's deep knowledge of product development, we created graphics and iconography for use on the machinery for branding and aesthetics, as well as communicating usage and functionality.

industrial marketing agency product branding

This project has been so much fun for the View team. Our long history of B2B marketing, product development and the needs of startups made this a project that we all adored. We are also thrilled to be working continually with the EVRCOOL team on upcoming trade show exhibits and additional marketing and branded materials.

Keep your eyes on this company- they're making an impressive move in an industry that's prime for their smart solutions.

We found View Marketing through a referral from a work colleague. We have now worked with Tanya and her team for nearly 9 months. During this time, they have built our website, created a full brand guideline, helped us establish our product branding, facility branding, designed our booth for the upcoming conference. Basically, View Marketing has become our outsourced Marketing dept. We are very happy with their services and find working with Tanya and her team easy, productive and on target. I have no hesitation recommending View Marketing for your next Marketing project.

Anis Rahman
Chief Operating Officer
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