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Michelle Conklin is a talented photographer who had managed all of her own marketing. When she was ready to take it to the next level, she came to the View team.We started by refreshing her current site, which was built with Wix. By standardizing graphic elements and fonts across the site, creating a better hierarchy of information, improving SEO and by making the focus her beautiful photography, the end result is a more user-friendly, appealing site.

Part of the website update program included implementing SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. We began by researching keywords to find the best focus keyword for each page based on monthly search volume and the amount of competition to secure the 1st page on Google spot. We strategically created two pages for each service type in order to optimize for more keywords.

Once the site was updated to better feature the photographer's offerings, we created an ad campaign that targeted audiences considering booking senior photography and sports team photo days.Both Google Search Ads and Google Display Ads campaigns were designed and implemented to build brand recognition and to promote the business at just the right time- when people are looking to book senior photos or team photo days.

Social media ad campaigns were also launched in tandem with Google ads on Facebook and Instagram. A/B testing was implemented to test audiences and ad sets, including video and carousel ads.

View continues to partner with Michelle Conklin Photography, monitoring results and iterating the ad campaigns based on performance metrics.

"I'm literally tearing up! It looks so amazing! I've already gotten two messages from potential clients since launching a few days ago- one from Google, the other through Instagram."

Michelle Conklin
Michelle Conklin Photography
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