Branding from the Ground Up for a Jeep Accessory Startup

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LORE Products is a Jeep accessory startup with a dream: creating lightweight, adaptable Jeep tube doors that can be quickly converted between any of its 5 configurations, guaranteeing a great ride rain or shine. And they’re well on their way, having their first prototype in hand and having attended the renowned Jeep event, Jeep Beach. 

Unexpected, Creative Branding

When they first approached us, we knew that marketing and branding for such an outdoorsy, forward-thinking product would require punchy, sleek branding that spoke to their niche audience. We also knew that as a startup, having strong messaging and branding was crucial to building credibility.

We worked with LORE Products to develop a brand that evoked the feelings they wanted to be associated with their company: unexpected, edgy, and outdoorsy. We provided a branding guide to serve as the foundation for all branding, messaging, and marketing to follow: website, social media, trade show materials, merchandise and more. This branding would be the driving force behind their website, social media, trade show designs, and merchandise.

The logo we developed is just that: unexpected, fun and unique. In order to give the brand even more character, we collaborated with the LORE Products team to bring their eye-catching blue jackalope to life with a name: Wilder. Wilder would grow over time to have his own adventures and be instantly recognizable at shows and on social media.

Bold Web Build

LORE Products’ website is bold, sleek, and easy to navigate. Their unique branding elements were utilized and expanded upon throughout the site, which boasts a variety of pages, including FAQ, Product, Shop, Events, and Contact.

The LORE Products’ site is built on the Webflow platform, which allowed us to create a dynamic, responsive experience with fun animations and eye-catching details.

We then seamlessly integrated Shopify to provide a coherent and simple Customers can pre-order LORE Products doors or purchase merchandise directly on the site, while the Mammoth team has the robust, trusted Shopify platform behind the scenes.

Shop the LORE Products store here >>

Dynamic Social Media Content & Accounts

LORE Products’ social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok) all continue on the branding journey we set the scene for from the start. For such a dynamic, action-packed brand, we explore both static and video posts. Wilder plays a role, popping up in adventurous places known to the Jeep community. We continuously evaluate what content and strategies are performing best and iterate on them to optimize results. For the LORE Products brand, dynamic and engaging video content tends to be extremely well received. Take this Reel for example, which has been generating interest for the brand continuously since it was posted. 

Follow along with LORE Products on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok here >>

LORE Products’ social media has also seen a multitude of reposts and shares by Jeep influencers who are excited about the product and want to share it with their followers. 

Branded Event Products

LORE Products’ first event was Jeep Beach 2023, a weeklong Jeep extravaganza in Daytona Beach attended by Jeep owners, meaning it was the perfect opportunity to start getting the Mammoth name out into the community. The team needed high-quality trade show tents and banners that would establish credibility while also telling the LORE Products’ story. View set to work designing and sourcing these materials.

The final designs celebrate the brand, explain the adaptability of the product, and create cohesion within their trade show booth and other materials.

Again, to build a unified look, the LORE Products team wanted merchandise to wear and sell. The View team put together a variety of merchandise options that captured the brand, creating the “go wilder” tagline in homage to their mascot, Wilder, and to capture the essence of what their innovative Jeep Doors offer their market.

The final merchandise for Jeep Beach came out wonderfully, and made the team instantly recognizable at the event. 

For LORE Products, a growing startup with marketing efforts happening among many platforms, we created a live dashboard that tracks social media, website, email marketing metrics, and more. This breaks down complex digital marketing platforms into consolidated metrics that View interprets into actionable insights.

​​From month one to three of LORE Products’ website and social media presence, we saw an incredible 181% increase in active site users, a 883% increase in Instagram reach, and a 669% increase in Facebook page engagement. This result was achieved via a combination of social media, marketing, and SEO site strategies.

LORE Products has been an incredible team to work with time and time again. Throughout the process of creating a portfolio of marketing materials for Mammoth, View has been working in tandem with them to ensure their vision is carefully portrayed in each aspect of their marketing and branding.

Working with the team at View Marketing & Creative has been phenomenal. The team is resourceful, energetic, responsive, knowledgeable, and eager. I feel like we've known them for years. Their guidance and knowledge on marketing our product/business has been substantial for us.

Ashley Bell
Co-Founder of LORE Products
Orange Slash