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Head Impact Prevention (H.I.P.) is an innovative startup at the forefront of revolutionizing head protection in the defense industry, inspired by technology from nature’s most resilient structures.

As a former NFL football player, founder Tim Johnson brings unique experience and qualifications to the development of the helmet. His commitment to protecting brain health and supporting the longevity of individuals experiencing head impacts drove the creation of this innovative product.

Such a forward-thinking, change-making startup needed branding and a website that embodied their tough, driven mentality, and innovative product. Their helmet’s nature-driven technology and defense application informed our creation of their gritty, cutting-edge branding and site.

Mood boards

As we do with many projects, we started with mood boards which help align our team and the client and cast a vision for the rest of the project. We drew inspiration from high-impact sports, the military, as well nature’s influence on the product.


As we began the logo design process, we simultaneously considered both the biomimicry in which the helmet is based and the high-impact sports and defense applications for which it is designed.​​

From here we created a couple of designs. In the end, the client selected the logo that emphasized the armadillo shell. The helmet’s structure has louvred plates (inspired by an armadillo) that have space between them, so they move slightly upon impact which absorbs energy and protects the head. This is visually represented with the graphic elements at the top of the logo. The lining within the letters imitates the internal structure of the H.I.P. helmet, which stabilizes and absorbs shock around the skull. This functionality is based on the incredible biology of the woodpecker; its tongue internally wraps around its skull, protecting it from the force created by slamming their beak against trees. Additionally, the curves seen in the logo mimic the curves of the helmet.

Brand Guidelines

From here, we worked with H.I.P. to develop a brand with colors, fonts, and design elements that reflected a tough and athletic brand. The fonts selected feature a bold sans serif paired with a complementary sans serif paragraph font. The selected colors are earthy and rich. Each of these elements is outlined in a brand guidelines document to serve as the foundation for consistency across all branding, messaging, and marketing to follow.

This phrase encapsulates the driving force of nature in the design and the branding of H.I.P. From the horns of a ram to an armadillo’s armor, and the tongue of a woodpecker, H.I.P brought together biomimicking innovations to craft a product that took a page from nature’s book.


Head Impact Prevention’s website conveys the brand’s aesthetic of being bold, innovative, and resilient. Unique branding elements were utilized and expanded upon throughout the site, creating a cohesive and interactive experience. 

H.I.P.’s site is built on the Webflow platform, which allowed us to create a dynamic, responsive experience with fun animations and eye-catching details.


To support the company’s initiatives, our team completed a whitepaper for H.I.P. that guides readers through the project's background, statistics, inspiration, solution, and product roadmap. Using engaging imagery, graphics, and impactful statistics, we have created a whitepaper that is designed to make a strong impression for clients and investors alike.

We have thoroughly enjoyed working alongside Head Impact Prevention to create a brand, marketing materials, and a website that aligns with their vision and mission to protect brain health and support the longevity of people who experience impact while on the field of battle.

“Wow! I am receiving rave reviews for my website, logo, and branding! I always tell them, the View Marketing & Creative Services team deserves all of the credit. Thank you all very much for taking my brand to the next level! 💯 ✅”

Tim Johnson
Founder, H.I.P.
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