Years of Branding and Marketing has Yielded Big Results for a Surgical Practice

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A handful of years ago, the Midwest Hand Surgery team asked for help running their Google Ads campaigns. Over time, our team was entrusted with more aspects of their marketing efforts. Our partnership has resulted in thousands of conversions and has elevated the visibility of the practice in the area.

Google Ads Program Design and Management

Midwest Hand Surgery had been working with a Google Ads provider, but wanted to see if their account could be optimized for better results. The program began here, with a new strategy, reorganization and changes per best practices. As the results began to show, we began to take on a more holistic program, including SEO, web design, and visibility activities.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) began on the WordPress site that was already in place. The entire site was optimized, and strategically written blogs were created to target high volume keywords that had low to medium competition. Our results were outstanding, growing organic site visits and keywords ranking on the top 100 on Google exponentially.

A Webflow Website Design and Build

After years of excellent results, our team was asked to refresh the brand and build a new website in Webflow. Eliminating the need for plug-in maintenance on a WordPress website was a deciding factor.

We got to work creating three different graphic directions from which the client could choose. The client wanted the site to be modernized, feel elevated, premium, trustworthy and established. We made sure to work messaging in that spoke to the life-changing care the surgeons offered, which allows people to get back to their work, hobbies and life.

In the end, elements of the concepts were blended to build the final result.

Logo Refresh

In the course of the web redesign, the client asked for their logo to be refreshed. Keeping the recognizable symbol of the logo in tact, we applied typography and color changes to make it feel fresh and cohesive with the new look.

The SEO done on the previous website was carefully maintained and continues to grow. The site ranks on more than 15,000 hand condition/injury/treatment keywords and receives 11,000-12,000 visits per month. Most importantly, appointments are booked from these efforts nearly every day.

Social Reach

In order to further expand Midwest Hand Surgery's digital reach, we actively promote the helpful blogs about varying hand conditions on Facebook, LinkedIn and the two office's Google Business Listing pages. The practice is known for helping with workers' compensation injuries, getting people who sustained injuries to their hands and wrists at work on the path to healing.

LinkedIn sponsored posts keep the surgeons top of mind with insurance adjusters, HR professionals, and safety officers.

After the new website was launched, all ads, brochures and marketing materials were updated to match the bold new brand look. Midwest Hand Surgery remains one of the most recognized and easily findable hand surgery practices in the Chicagoland area.

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