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New Branded Marketing Material Development
tactical marketing material creation
Upon launching their new brand identity and website, Envista Forensics, a global leader in comprehensive forensic consulting and engineering services, contacted the View team to help them with a variety of tactical marketing programs.

We had first met the Envista team when they were in a pinch to get a high-visibility billboard campaign done, which ultimately ran in multiple London Tube Stations. Click below to learn more about that program.
The new branding is vibrant, colorful and bold.

Once the new website was launched, we got to work rolling out a series of new materials, beginning with a robust book brochure and a library of handouts. Social media channels were also updated with new covers and icons.
Our team created a series of trade show displays and materials to support their upcoming event activities.
One display posed an interesting challenge: promote both Envista and their sister company, Arepa, making it clear they are separate, yet related.

Our solution was to create banners that matched the company logo at the top depending on where you were standing: when approaching from one direction, Arepa was the focus, when approaching from the other direction, Envista was primary. Both were represented on the main desk graphic.
Since webinars are an important part of Envista's marketing mix, we created a custom design for their ON24 webinar platform as the new brand launched and refreshed it for the new year in 2023. Every detail was tended to, including the background, banners and custom icons. An accompanying PowerPoint template was created for their team to leverage when assembling their webinar presentations.
Finally, creation of digital ads for myriad placements were created promoting different service offerings and webinars around the web.
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