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Allison and Tina are two women whose wide-ranging interests often led to stream-of-conscious conversations around topics like sensitive persons, motherhood, astrology, wellness and more.

This blossomed into their desire to start a podcast that streams from one topic to another with the anchor being a soulful sharing of the experiences, knowledge and interests of the two women.

The podcast cover art was to capture these intentions in a visual representation.

Because the topics are so vast, a wide range of color palettes, styles and fonts were explored in the first concept development.
podcast cover art
The podcast creators expressed interest in the elements of two particular concepts.
podcast cover art design
One of the women connected with the simplicity of this concept instantly, but the other had concerns that it was a bit abstract and that it didn't reflect the soulful, transcendental part of their content.
podcast cover art designer
The other creator connected with this concept because of the deeper tones and astrological iconography, however the other creator was concerned it was too mystical for much of their content.
The final design brought together the streaming representation and blue sky and water color palette. The bright colors pop amongst other podcast covers and draws the eye in a sea of designs on podcast platforms.
podcast cover art designer
podcast cover art and logo design
The website design followed finalization of the podcast cover art. We thoughtfully designed the site to be simple to update and add new episode announcements. A custom CMS was created in the bespoke site and every detail was customized to the podcasters' preferences.
Finally, custom branded social media post art was created in Canva as that is the preferred platform of the podcast hosts. Our team built templates for different types of content that can be leveraged over and over by the hosts to build beautiful, cohesive social media pages over time.


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