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a medical software company needed a strong entrance to the market
Rovicare is working to change how the transition from acute care to post-acute care is handled. The company's cloud-based software streamlines the process for all stakeholders.

Rovicare needed a brand built from the ground up. Our program began with outlining what the brand should communicate, which was medical-forward, clean and tech-centric.

The chosen logo represents data in and out in a clean and simplified way, while leveraging modern techy colors that are balanced with a grounding navy blue.
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Following development of the logo and brand guidelines, material creation and messaging began.

Content was created and organized for support materials including handouts, business cards, letterhead, presentation, website design, and graphic charts, always keeping their market positioning in mind.

In the end, Rovicare entered the market looking and sounding smart and established, serious and forward-looking.

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