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Why View Uses Databox

At View, our goal is not only to synthesize a client’s data and convert it into actionable marketing insights, but also to empower clients to understand exactly what the numbers are saying and why. Databox is a tool that seamlessly bridges the gap between data, clients, and marketing. The data analytics platform allows us to build a visual data landscape that pulls numbers from over 100 sources such as Google Analytics, Instagram, Facebook, Hubspot, Google Ads, and more. 

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Instagram Content Strategy for Businesses

Wondering how to reach more customers with the most effective Instagram content type? We conducted some research to help you maximize your Instagram content strategy. Read on to learn more.

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3 Rules for Content Creation from a B2B Content Marketing Agency

As a B2B content marketing agency, we've worked with dozens of clients to create, distribute, and promote content. Learn three rules we always follow when creating content.

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The Scientific Method Isn’t Just for those in White Coats: How to Put it to Work in your Marketing Efforts

The scientific method is not only a wildly effective guide for those running experiments on biological, chemical or other science-y subjects, it’s also incredibly helpful to use as a guide when building or creating a marketing plan or method within a marketing plan.

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Nature doesn't keep doing things that don't work

I was lucky enough to spend some time with Eustace Conway of Mountain Men fame. During our visit, he pointed to a chewed up log he used as a seat by a fire pit and said, “We have a woodpecker. And it’s getting bugs. Do you know how I can tell? Because he keeps doing it; and unlike some people, nature doesn’t keep doing things that don’t work...” Nature-driven marketing strategies for small business are extremely effective.

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