Why we started a new pet project

October 22, 2021

APRIL | 2022

mmmboards.com has been live for 9 months now and we've seen incredible growth in keyword rankings and site visits.

These results simply prove what we tell clients all the time: the key to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) success is strategy + consistency + time.

We've also chosen to share a screengrab directly from the software we use to access and analyze data to prove this is no smoke and mirrors game. If done right, SEO works.


It's been three months since we announced our mmmboards.com site and we've had so much fun adding content and watching it grow.

Here are a few notable successes:

SEO services
Keyword growth: keywords ranking on the first 100 spots on Google

1) The site was not ranking on Google for any keywords when we launched. The site now ranks on the first 100 results of Google search for 89 key phrases. It ranks in the top 10 search results for 5 key phrases.

2) mmmboards.com is now monetized with Adsense. That means Google is placing display ads on our site and we get paid any time those ads are clicked.

3) The site has been accepted into the Amazon affiliate program, which means when products are purchased on Amazon after being found on our site, we get a kickback.

Why are we sharing this with you? To show you that we are always learning and experimenting with strategies in digital marketing and promotion so we can use the lessons we've learned for your business. To share that a Webflow website can be built to be loved by the Google algorithm and rise to high SEO standards. To practice what we preach and share the daily/weekly/monthly ups and downs of digital promotion.

We look forward to sharing another update with you in a few more months! In the meantime, make sure you're following us on social media (find our social media links on mmmboards.com).

OCTOBER | 2021

So, we did a thing. We’ve been talking about a “for fun” project that we could use to be creative and experiment with for a while. We finally launched a website, and it’s all about charcuterie. Below we’ve outlined why we started this new pet project of ours a few months ago.

1. Practicing what we preach

We’ve built a lot of websites for our clients. We also have done a lot of SEO work, and we’ve seen our customers’ metrics soar. Building a site that isn’t tied to a client of ours has been a fun way for us to practice what we preach, and challenged us to find ways to balance a cohesive brand and aesthetic with our tools and knowledge about SEO.

2. Testing ground

Having our own in-house brand gives us a testing ground to try out new things. We’re able to hypothesize about strategies for building brand awareness, try out different types of content marketing, and see how our analytics for the site perform. We can make edits and adjustments to see what works and what doesn’t.

3. We’re creatives at heart

We’re often designing for our clients during the day… and we’re creative in our personal lives too. We love pretty interior designs, planning menus, and hosting parties. When we came up with the idea for a blog all about charcuterie, we were immediately all in. We knew we’d be able to have fun with the topics, photography, and maybe even eat some delicious cheeses and meats along the way (it’s research, we swear!).

4. It’s fun! And we’ll be sharing our insights on our blog

If you can’t tell, we’re really excited about this project. We see a lot of potential in learning about marketing and brand awareness from our own experiment. We are always looking for opportunities to learn, and what better way is there than testing our ideas out on an actual website? As we work towards growing our charcuterie site, we’ll be sharing our insights on our View Marketing & Creative blog. Be sure to subscribe to our updates to follow along!

We hope you’ll check out our new site, and maybe even learn a bit about the history of charcuterie or our thoughts on the best crackers for a charcuterie board!

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