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First impressions are more than just important, they’re the unspoken dialogue that precedes your story. At View Marketing & Creative, we specialize in creating distinctive brand identities that speak to your target audience. Whether you’re a startup poised to disrupt the market or an established enterprise seeking a fresh identity, our branding services are tailored to showcase your business or association through a brand that resonates with your consumers with striking consistency. We understand that a memorable brand is much more than a logo - it’s a compilation of carefully curated colors, graphics, and messaging that work together to ensure your brand is heard and remembered.

Mood Boards

A branding project begins with the creation of mood boards. In our initial meeting, we dive into the soul of your product or service to understand the nuances that set you apart in the marketplace. Our goal is to encapsulate the unique value proposition that you bring to the table, understand the competition, and appreciate the broader landscape that influences your target audience. This holistic approach ensures that the mood boards we craft are not just aesthetically appealing but are resonant with the strategic positioning of your brand.

Mood boards serve as the cornerstone of our branding process to define the future language of your brand. They are canvases where fonts, colors, images, and graphic elements converge alongside initial messaging concepts. This serves as a starting point for a dialogue between you, our client, and our team to determine which elements are the right fit for the brand. We collaboratively refine elements and merge your favorites into a cohesive and comprehensive final mood board. This not only becomes a representation of your brand’s aesthetic but also guides subsequent steps in the branding process, ensuring a consistent and impactful brand identity.
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Logo Development

Once the mood board is set, we transition to the heart of your brand’s visual identity, the logo development process. It is here that abstract qualities and feelings captured in the mood boards begin to take shape. Drawing from our initial conversations, we develop multiple logo concepts that not only reflect your brand’s essence but also stand as a testament to its future legacy. Each concept is crafted with the intention of speaking to your target audience, embodying your brand’s values, and distinguishing you in the marketplace.

We work with you to refine the design based on your team’s feedback from the initial concepts. Elements can be combined and fine-tuned to create the final logo concept. We then prepare and deliver your logo in a suite of file types, providing the versatility you need with your logo for digital, print, and merchandise applications.

Brand Guidelines

Following the creation of your logo, we move to creating the brand guidelines document. This is a document that includes your brand’s visual strategy including fonts, colors, imagery, logo variations, and the specific graphic elements that have been designed throughout the branding process. These elements are meticulously put together to ensure consistency and clarity in your brand’s outward expression.

Within the pages of the brand guidelines, we define the exact hues of your color palette, the use cases for each logo variant, the appropriate use of imagery, and the distinctive brand elements that set you apart. This document acts as a keystone for maintaining brand integrity across platforms and touchpoints, providing your team with clear instructions on how to embody the brand. By enabling everyone within your organization to accurately represent your brand’s image, we are all perpetuating its strength wherever your brand has a presence.
Brand Guidelines Example from Branding Services

Applying the brand

Once the foundation of your brand is set in place, the next step is to apply the brand across myriad tactical items. Our team is adept at translating brand strategy into tangible assets with consistency across platforms. For many clients, this begins with website design and development, where the digital presence of your brand is first introduced to the world. Our collaborative approach ensures that your website is not only visually compelling but also truly embodies your brand’s voice and ethos.

Our services extend to a full spectrum of marketing collateral, designed to seamlessly align with your newly minted brand guidelines. We partner with clients to extend their brand’s voice across social media channels and through content creation that resonates with their audience. We create sales sheets, presentations, reports, whitepapers, trade show graphics, and event materials where each piece is designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that your brand speaks with one clear, cohesive voice. Whether it’s a business card handed over during a handshake or a large-scale event backdrop, we maintain that each item is a reflection of your brand’s core identity, designed to make an impact and leave a lasting impression.
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