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CASE Advocacy is a new business that provides parents and guardians the support and insight needed to navigate the special education process and obtain appropriate services for their child, while empowering them with advocacy skills of their own. Because mothers or other female heads of household tend to be the initiators acquiring these services, and because these matters tend to be emotionally charged and stressful, CASE Advocacy desired a soft palette, comforting, calming and feminine feel. View began by developing a logo and color palette. The logo represents the child's advocates coming together behind him to give support and a 'push' forward. The child, also reminiscent of a flower, sprouts and grows with with this support behind him.
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Business cards and a brochure followed. View Marketing made sure to communicate the true mission and soul of the company, and to speak to why prospects should consider them to help them in a tough journey. The language and graphics were all designed to carry through the comforting, confident and calm brand elements.

In anticipation of their first trade show, CASE Advocacy needed a table-top pop-up banner. View created signage that again spoke to the 'why': fighting for special services for your child can be difficult and help is available for carrying some of that burden. The brand language and messaging remained consistent, building their position in the market and making them recognizable at a glance.


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