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How do you know where you're going without some direction? You can wander around, hoping you find your way while wasting time and fuel, or you can set off with a plan and get there faster and more efficiently. It's the same with marketing. Mapping out who you're aiming to reach and how to best reach them with the resources you have available is a critical step in successful promotions and communications efforts.

A digital marketing strategy should include goals, metrics, activities, the cadence of marketing communications, platforms on which your target market spends time, budget, and a definition of success. Marketing communications strategies should be iterative, changing as results are proactively analyzed. Your marketing strategy partner should guide you along this path.

The team at View Marketing & Creative are seasoned marketing pros that have developed digital marketing strategies and promotional plans for clients large and small, B to B and B to C.

Don't wander. Let's talk about a plan.

digital marketing strategy
Digital Marketing Strategy Helpful Tip

A great way to test and check new marketing activities is to employ the Scientific Method in your promotional planning. Check out our article that outlines how you can use this method to uncover what's working and what's not as you build your marketing activities. We've even included a free guide to help you along!

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